Records of early burial places
on the farms in the town of
Guilderland, N.Y. and surround-
ing towns



Town of Guilderland
Altamont, N. Y. R. D. 1

In August 1998, Lissa Terpening showed me a copy of the above booklet, when I was trying to get involved with the US Genweb - Albany County NY website as co-coordinator.
The booklet consists of typewritten numbered pages: a cover page, 3 pages with a name index and 30 pages of text, describing early burial places on the farms in the town of Guilderland, N.Y. and surrounding towns. Since the author had been Guilderland's Town Historian and was deceased, permission was requested and granted by the Town of Guilderland, NY, to scan this booklet and make it available on the web, since it seemed such a unique publication. As it sometimes goes with genealogical projects, this process took until April 2002 to be completed.

The Name Index has been changed from a simple list with 241 last names and pagenumbers, to a searchable and clickable list of nearly 950 last and first names.
A clickable Location Index, listing the 133 burial locations, has been added.
The 30 pages of text were copied exactly and completely (if a location states there are 19 stones visible and then has only a description of 16; that's the way it is!) and have been proofread several times, to ensure the exact same text.

Some remarks and questions that arose during the project:
- This publication covers deaths from 1768 till 1935.
- Only the names of the people burried, are in the Name Index (no initials only). Many other names (such as from parents, spouses, land owners) can be found in the text.
- Some remarks that do not seem to come from text on gravestones, seem "odd", or are missing something, have been colored.
- Why did William include some "faraway" counties? The old Peter Frederick farm may give a clue: "The last 10 names were Guilderland people."
- Did William copy DAR Records (see: Conquest) or only refer to them?

This publication contains information on burrying grounds and cemeteries in:
Town of Guilderland, Albany County, NY
Town of Knox, Albany County, NY
Town of Berne, Albany County, NY
Town of Scotland, Albany County, NY
Town of Bethlehem, Albany County, NY
Town of Princetown, Schenectady County, NY
Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County, NY
Town of Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, NY
Gallupville, Shoharie County, NY
Sharon, Schoharie County, NY
Village of Fonda, Montgomery County, NY
Conquest, Cayuga County, NY

The publication dates from 1940, but the information itself from as early as 1914 (noted in the text) and may be earlier! To my knowledge, none of it has been checked, to verify the locations and the information described, or the tomb stone text transcribed, nor is it known what the current local situation is.
If you have information on current situations, I'll add that info if you send me an e-mail.

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