Tekst van Vademecum voor Nederlands-Nieuw-Guinea, 1956 komt binnenkort!

  • Manokwari, Capital of the subdivision of the same name.
    Source: Handbook on Netherlands New Guinea, 1958
    Population Papuans Europeans Asiatics Total
    Subdivision 15,443 2,266 399 18,108
    District 12,577 2,265 397 15,239
    Manokwari, capital of the division of West New Guinea and of the subdivision of Manokwari, is one of the most busy places of New Guinea. Some decades ago it had attracted some attention when attempts were made to found an agricultural settler community there. Most of the former settlers now have turned to the skilled professions or have become government officials or employees of one of the newly established companies.
    The little town was nearly blotted out by air raids but has been reconstructed since.
    The end of 1957 saw the completion of a saw mill and of a large ship repair yard with workshops. Manokwari also has an oxygen factory and a number of small industrial enterprises.
    The excellent natural port is suitable for seagoing vessels. The economic potentialities of the hinterland are being investigated.

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  • Manokwari
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